In Russia developed two projects large WIG

Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil them. RE Alekseev (CDB them. Alexeev) is developing two projects large WIG, "Interfax" CEO — Chief Designer Sergei Platonov enterprise.

Marine base winged "A-050-742d»

WIG craft is designed for high-speed passenger.

"The company is designing several large winged under the state program" Development of civil marine engineering. "This program has the technological direction in which the company participates," — said Plato.

He noted that the first ekranoplane A-050 has been completed and preliminary design of the project is the development of technical, is also developing a conceptual design to testing models in a pool on ekranoplane A-080.

"Winged A-050, we are ready in three years to give the potential customer already, and winged A-080 — 3.5 years," — said the source.

TTX A-050

Length overall, m — 34.8
Overall width, m — 25.3
Take-off weight, t — 54.0
DRAFT, m — 1.3
Speed, km / h — 350-450
DISTANCE, km — up to 5000
CREW — 4
Passenger capacity — 100
Nautical (wave height), m
takeoff / landing — 1.5

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