In Russia develops new missile

In Russia is working on new anti-missile defense system for domestic, said Thursday the commander of the Missile Defense Forces Aerospace Defense Major General Vladimir Lyaporov.


"Now the work is carried over to create a new missile that will stand armed with a missile defense system," — said on the air Lyaporov "Russia-24".

Lyaporov noted that over the last two years have been significant work on the modernization of the missile defense system, in particular, multi-function radar, and it concerned the receiving and transmitting sections radar.

According to the newspaper VIEW, October troops EKR successfully testedshort-range anti-missile missile defense system at the Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan. At the request of the military, the purpose of the start-up was "confirmation of tactical and technical characteristics of the missile defense system in service with ASD Troops."

The missile defense system is part of the Air and Missile Defense Command Troops ASD formed on the base of the Space Troops December 1, 2011.

According to the Defense Ministry, the composition and characteristics of the Russian military missile defense system can fend off the threat of the possible use of nuclear missile attack, raise the threshold of a nuclear counter-response, increase the vitality of objects while the higher parts of the military and the government, using extremely high anti-interference of information means "open" level, intent and purpose of impact.

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