In Russia doubled in five years, pork production

These studies Intesco Research Group «Russian and world pork market. Current situation and outlook ", indicate that during the period from 2006 to 2011, pork production has increased by about half. The largest volume of pork among federal districts showed manufacturers Central, Volga, Siberia and the North-West Federal District.


In the period from 2006 to 2011 significantly changed the regional structure of pork production in Russia in the doubles title. In the past year, the share of enterprises Belgorod region reached 27 percent. Manufacturers of Moscow and Chelyabinsk regions produced by 5 per cent of the volume of production. The share of manufacturers of Voronezh and Omsk regions accounted for 4 percent each. 3 per cent was the share of production in Novosibirsk, Pskov, Penza regions, Krasnodar Territory.


Every year the Russians consume more pork. Even during the crisis did not affect this trend. In 2006, the population of the consumer unit had 8 pounds of pork, and in the last year it reached almost 12 pounds per person. In the past year, every Russian who uses pork, ate an average of 3.9 kilograms of it more than in 2006. Pork buy more than 90 percent of Russians. However, some reject it on principle. Some people — vegetarians. Another can not eat pork for health reasons. The third does not allow religious beliefs.

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