In Russia earns laboratory testing of weapons and equipment of soldiers

  • Rogozin meets "Basic requirements and directions of development of small arms and ammunition"


Interagency Working Group (laboratory) at the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government may start in the coming days, said on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.


On the establishment of an interagency working group Rogozin said in late March. This working group will be responsible for the production of advanced technical requirements for military combat gear and its individual systems and testing in conditions close to real combat use.


"We hope that in the coming weeks, the days of the laboratory as part of the military-industrial commission work. We are extremely interested in the fact that we did not have any mediators in the relationship with the customer and supplier," — said Deputy Prime Minister at the meeting on "About the status and prospects of development of small arms and ammunition in the interests of law enforcement agencies and departments" in the Government House.


He stressed that in this lab will focus the experience, knowledge and actual practice of those who use weapons and melee in practice.

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