In Russia first began to treat children with a rare hereditary disease

February 28, the International Day of rare diseases, in Moscow, the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (our hospital), opened its first office in Russia specialized in the treatment of rare genetic diseases, "Medical Genetics".

The new branch is designed for 30 seats, every child, regardless of age, is in the office with his mother. In the future, Department of Medical Genetics, will be expanded. Already, the department has narrow specialists and high-tech equipment, which allows to carry out complex operations, such as bone marrow transplantation.

According to the chief doctor Nicholas Vaganova our hospital, the main task of separation — "to understand the issues." This specialized unit — the first in Russia, is still the country’s complex genetic diseases studied only in research centers, but never treated.

In the year of the department of medical genetics professionals expect to take to the examination and treatment of patients 400-450. All of them will get there by quotas, as well as in other departments our hospital.

Total is currently in Russia according to experts, there are about 15 thousand children suffering from rare hereditary diseases.

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