In Russia found the skin of dinosaurs

If the detected fragments of skin preserved DNA can be cloned animals.

In Chernyshevskoe Rayonot Trans-Baikal found a graveyard of these creatures. For the first time in history Scientists discovered fossilized skin Dinosaurs with bones.


Typically, the skin of these ancient monsters after their death was not saved because it decomposes in the first place.

In a mountain valley Kulinda been opened Jurassic strata that 145-160 million years, so scientists have found fragments of different kinds of dinosaurs, many of which are even unknown to science.

"We were lucky, some 150 million years ago on the site of our site was a lake. A nearby — an active volcano. One of its eruptions was just as serious as the death of Pompey. Animals were trying to escape in the water and drowned. Their remains at the shore of the lake were broken Coastal wave — that’s why there does not appear as much as skeletons "- said Sophia Sinica, Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Cryology SB RAS.

Now, however, scientists can more accurately capture the appearance of the ancient reptiles.

"We found 5-6 varieties of skin. Skin there, like a chicken, there are even traces of feathers, there is a skin-scales — a cross between a snake skin and fish scales. And then we found another and the whole tail, covered with scales, length of 20-30 centimeters. only found here and feathered dinosaurs, and scaly skin. Such nowhere in the world is no more, "- said the researcher.

Scientists do not exclude that the detected fragments of skin could be preserved dinosaur DNA. So, there is a strong possibility Cloning beings. As explained by the Institute of Natural Resources, volcanic ash has preserved the bones and skin of animals.

Note the ions of certain metals have properties besiege the DNA molecule, thus has saved it from collapse.

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