In Russia hosted the first Biblionoch

In Russia hosted the first "Biblionoch". To coincide with the International Day of the book, which is celebrated on 23 April. Main objective of the action — tell us about that libraries with the advent of the Internet did not die and are transformed into cultural centers. Until the morning across Russia — from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka — for visitors opened reading rooms, bookstores and clubs.

In libraries, "insomnia". The usual set of symptoms — hyperactivity and vigils. In Tula, everything turned upside down — and the starry sky suddenly on the ground. Tula poets engaged in the most poetic thing — look out for new galaxies and read love poems.


Library Molchanov-Siberian Irkutsk surprised all night. They began with a waltz, then looked lifetime edition of the "Possessed". Then he remembered — the demons, it seems, is in the basement of the old library building. Round off.

In the Perm Gorky library harsh people, diggers, and made plans of conquest of ancient underground tunnels, the game is "Watch" spilled into the streets of the city. Literary ciphers, as expected, brought the monument to the great writer.



In St. Petersburg, began modestly — a collection of books for children from orphanages. Leaving a thick stacks. What themselves were read as a child. Here’s a new book Constantine Arbenina. Soloist "Zimova animals" went and wrote a story about a curious tarakashku of a communal apartment. The author here is not read, but he sang, and with a tambourine.


In the library of Petersburg Golitsyn heard harrowing sounds of violin and poetry … The Library of Mayakovsky by Master tab in the form of angels. The library on the Petrograd side was not without pioneers. Just as in the years of stagnation — the author’s song, "Tavern 13 Chairs" and anecdotes about the general secretary. In Mayakovka day came almost 600 people. At night, there were more accurately.


Night Petersburg. Boy, instead of in the evening to sit on the Internet, the library chooses the thick book, even without the pictures. A man on the waterfront in the alley just read. Then do not go to the library, it is clear: St. Petersburg and of itself — the epicenter of literary events. The Nevsky once walking with a cane Eugene Onegin. Path ran across the Fontanka and Raskolnikov, and Major Kovalyov. At Pea street lived Ilya Ilyich Oblomov. Next Kolomna — there acted characters Bloc. And in parallel Fontanka Garden street young slut Moidodir of running away from the sponge. It turns out that St. Petersburg — some sort literary anthology. And every night in this city, of course, biblionoch.


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