In Russia launched bioremediation of land in the industrial scale

The company "Biolend" (Moscow) started the production of a biological product "Fenox" bioremediation of land from pesticides and plant growth stimulation. This product is developed by a group of young Russian scientists led by biotechnologist Lilia Anisimova — Winner of Zworykin Award 2009 in the category "Best Innovation Project." The company "Biolend" has already produced the first shipment of a biological product. To this end, an innovative company signed the first distribution agreements with companies "Biomol" (Moscow) and "Spetshimagro" (Kirov) on distribution of production in the Russian regions.

"BIOLEND" — Is a rapidly growing biotechnology company. The company develops and manufactures innovative biological products for the disposal of chemicals and waste, and to clear the land and water from pollution by pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Over the past summer "Biolend" signed two contracts and has provided services to clean up areas of pesticides. The first — was signed with the Republic of Altai on the experimental treatment of pesticide contaminated land in the tourist area on the banks of the Teles lake, and the second — with the administration of the settlement Bolshinsky in the Rostov region on the cleanup, and the walls of the temple, which in Soviet times was a warehouse of pesticides.

In September, the company "Biolend" was implemented a large and significant project for biological treatment of Gorky Park. Gorky from pesticides. Since the fifties central metropolitan park, as well as other recreational areas, processing stations on plant protection chemicals, which are still stored in the upper layer of fertile land and are potentially dangerous. The principle of operation of a biological product "Fenox" is based on the assimilation of live organisms of pesticides as the sole carbon and energy source for their livelihood. Introduced into the cleaning medium high concentrations of a variety of specially selected microorganisms that have been isolated from soil and selected are reproduced. Once in the soil, bacteria decompose the pollutant included in the complex connections to water and carbon dioxide and environmentally friendly products of microbial metabolism. ***** Company "Biolend" organized in May 2010. In 2010, the innovative company has attracted a number of investments to refine the product and its commercialization. In May 2011, have received certification for the product Fenox and started its commercial implementation. In a team of 5 developers working, including 2 professors, 1 PhD, as well as graduates of Moscow State University. Laboratory located at the base of the Moscow State University and is constantly working to develop new biological products. Production of drugs taken in Pushkino. In 2011, the company won the support of a grant from the Small Business Program START of 1 million rubles. Created in support of the project online community of "Live Earth" is by far the most rapidly developing in Russia and the largest among the environmental community, which numbers more than 30,000 people. This shows that the project is popular among a large number of Russian citizens who are not indifferent to the environmental situation in the country. ***** Decisive role in the creation of a Russian well-functioning innovation system plays Zvorykinsky project ( The purpose of the program — to enable young members of the intellectual elite of the country to realize their creative and scientific potential, to achieve material success through the commercialization of ideas and implementation of development as well as to gain public recognition. Project program provides a broad set of tools for the development of innovation and bringing them to commercial realization. This is a variety of educational programs, internships abroad, legal support, to attract potential investors, and more. Zvorykinsky project includes several key events: change "Innovation and Technical Creativity" at Lake Seliger, Zvorykin Prize and National Youth Innovation Convention.

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