In Russia made another competitor Hammer

A series of protected vehicles "Wolf" presented Wednesday in Zhukovsky near Moscow "Military-Industrial Company". All elements of the machines are made in Russia. Products interested representatives of Algeria and China.

"This car was born from the experience of operation of machines such as" Tiger "in the Russian power structures, including the" hot spots "- told Itar-Tass deputy director general for defense industry development strategy Andrew Adamchuk at the international forum" Engineering Technologies ".

According to him, the "Wolf" introduces the concept of a basic level of protection through the implementation of frame-panel reservations, the use of armored glass thickness of 68 millimeters, the posting of all seats, the use of raised floors.

The machine implemented independent hydropneumatic suspension, gear changes clearance from 250 to 550 millimeters, the system will maintain the pressure in the tires. "The most important thing — all the elements of" Wolf "made in Russia", — said Adamchuk.

Manufacturer representative Sergei Suvorov said that with the advent of the market, "Wolf," American "Hummer", "can rest." Russian "Wolves" immediately interested potential buyers, and in particular, Algerians and Chinese. While the machines are assembled only in test samples.

In the family of "Wolves" two cars carrying capacity of 1.5 tons ("Wolf-1") and two cars carrying capacity of 2.5 tons ("Wolf-2"). All machines have a higher level of ballistic and mine protection, increased capacity (10 people including the driver), range — 1,000 kilometers. These platforms can be used to accommodate a variety of weapon systems.

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