In Russia mined diamond weighing more than 235 carats

"ALROSA" at the end of September produced a diamond weighing 235.16 carats. The cost of stone, according to preliminary estimates, could reach 1.5-2 million, the company said.

Diamond is raised from the depths of the tube "Anniversary", its size — 42h26h28 mm. Gem is a clear, yellowish cleaved crystal in the form of an octahedron with minor graphite-sulphide inclusions. 

"Thanks to the technical activities carried out in the" ALROSA ", in recent years, improving safety and reducing the number of diamond crystals broken," — the report says.

We note, in late January 2013. Alrosa mined diamond weighing 145.44 carats in the factory number 14 Aikhal Mineral Processing Plant. Stone has also been raised from the depths of the tube "Anniversary", its size in millimeters — 35h20h26. Transparent crystal with a yellow tinge is in the form of an octahedron. In the peripheral part of the crystal can be traced small graphite-sulphide inclusions. It has been reported that the value of the stone in the auction can be as high as $ 1 million

ALROSA — a group of Russian diamond mining companies, the world’s largest producer of diamonds in carats. The "ALROSA" is engaged in the exploration, extraction, production and sale of diamonds. It is mining diamonds in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk region. In 2012. Alrosa produced 34.4 million carats, revenue in 2012. amounted to 150.9 billion rubles.

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