In Russia opened a modern automated plant for the production of fuel peat briquettes

February 16, Cymric district of Tver region was inaugurated enterprise JSC "Tver Energy Company" by peat processing and fabrication of organic deposits of peat briquettes near Red Moss.

The plant is running one line of production of peat briquettes. Its maximum capacity — 7500 tons per year.

In 2011, the second line will be commissioned in 2012 and will be introduced three more lines. Thus, the total volume of production of briquettes in the work of five lines will be 35 thousand tons per year.

The regional administration focuses on investment projects with innovative technologies, including in the field of bioenergy.

Launch of the first automated briquetting plant JSC "Tver Energy Company" is the first phase of the pilot project Tver region "Development of small and medium bio Tver region on the basis of peat."

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