In Russia opened a second plant cell

Experts of the scientific and industrial laboratory of cell technologies OSU launched in the second cell in the Russian station.

The unique equipment purchased through a grant from the Governor and Government of the Orenburg region, is designed to create biokletochnyh products. The plans of the OSU scientists based on the matrix of bioplastic material "Hyamatrix" grow tkaneekvivalent such living human dental implant.

— We were very lucky with the matrix, — Says the head of the laboratory of cell technologies OSU Ramil Rahmatullin. — Placed on her stem cells, which provided for the experience of the regional blood transfusion station, very well take root and grow. Inside the plant cell, we have created optimal conditions for the life of the cell: the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, a certain humidity and carbon dioxide levels — that is all in the human body.


Observe the development of cells can be not only in the laboratory with a microscope, but in the online mode, the comfort of the room: a mini-camera broadcasts the processes taking place in an incubator at a computer monitor.


While the goal of scientists — to grow to a full matrix layer of undifferentiated cells from which you can then create a human organ tkaneekvivalent.

Previously, such experiments the scientists had to travel to Moscow, because another cell station is at the Institute of Biological Medicine.



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