In Russia, opened Europe’s largest plant for the production of aerated concrete

Fall 2011 brings good news for low-rise construction of the central district. October 14, 2011, the opening of Europe’s largest plant for the production of blocks of gazoyacheistogo autoclaved concrete (AAC). Plant located in the Moscow region town of Kupavna, 18 km from Moscow, at the facilities of "reinforced concrete", the history of which is from 1956.

Currently, the company operates under the newly created brand BONOLIT ™. Land area of 8 hectares, and production capacity of lines 2 — 650 000 cubic meters per year. The volume of investments: 35 million Euro. Video:…dstvu-gazobetonnyx-blokov

In fact, the line earned in July 2011. Then among industry professionals an expression of "Big Three aerated" the Moscow region, which together with Bonolitom formed DZGI (Dmitrov) and Xella-Aeroblok (Mozhaisk). The triangle formed respectively on the east, north and west of Moscow. Now, with a constant load and streamlined business processes, management Bonolita invited to visit the guests of honor and a celebration presentation and production of concrete blocks perfect for living Bonolita.

In the opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Construction of the Moscow region Perepelitsa Paul, CEO HESS AAC Systems BV Rene Klopper, CEO Valery Sazanov BONOLIT ®, as well as representatives of government, business, media and the public.

Notable is the fact that the manufacturing plant asset belongs to A & NN Advisor Limited, which in turn is owned by Alexander Mamut, a prominent Russian businessman. Attending the press conference, a representative of A & NN Olga Latanova sounded the total volume of investments, which amounted to 35 million euros.

Another observation — is the choice of the investor and developer of industrial supplier liniy who became a Dutch company HESS AAC Systems BV For the Dutch this is the fifth running production on the territory of Russia. Note that the company now competes with German brands MASA-HENKE (factory DZGI) and WEHRHAHN (factory Xella-Aeroblok). When asked what is the advantage of equipment HESS compared to similar offerings, Renee Klopper said that it thought the question of competitive strategy, which the company adheres to work with investors around the world. In a word, not a word, not a syllable about competitors.

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