In Russia, opened the first fast refueling electric vehicles


In the Moscow-based company "Rolf-South" opened Russia’s first fast charging station for electric vehicles, the correspondent of "Heathcliff" from the venue of the opening ceremony. This station has earned at street Obrucheva, Building 27, Block 1. In total, the Moscow plans to open three such rapid refueling, allow the batteries to charge an electric vehicle up to 80-85 per cent in half an hour.

80-percent battery charge in an electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the only machine of the type sold in Russia, enough for 100-120 kilometers. According to the owner of the vehicle with which the reporter spoke "Heathcliff" fully charged battery lasts for about 140 kilometers, or two to three days. The charging electric vehicles on a normal station is about seven hours.The cost of one fast filling station opened in the framework of the "Moscow United Electric Grid-EV", is about 1.5 million rubles. To use it, you must create an account Online the program "Moscow United Electric Grid-EV" and receive an individual card. There you can find a place to refuel.

It is believed that the use of electric vehicles economically. According to the Moscow Power Grid Company (Moscow United Electric Grid), the cost of electric vehicles is 22 times lower than in a normal car with a gasoline engine. Up until July 1, 2012 to refuel at stations for electric vehicles will be free, and then start their commercial operation. As expected, the cost of fully charging i-MiEV will be about 11 rubles.

Earlier learned, that since October 2011, when sales started i-MiEV, Russians bought 71 such a car. The cost of i-MiEV is about 1.8 million rubles, but dealers and Moscow United Electric Grid expect to reduce the price of electric vehicles, achieving benefits from the state. In particular, it is planned to reset the import duty on electric cars.

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