In Russia opens Swiss machine tool production

The project is implemented "Oboronprom" together with partners from Switzerland

May 28, the exhibition "Metal 2013" held a press conference dedicated to the production of Swiss EDM machines, machining centers, milling and heat treatment furnaces for companies united industrial corporation "Oboronprom" is together with Georg Fischer Group, the firm Galika AG, the company Codere SA

The press conference will be attended by representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, OPK "Oboronprom" "Helicopters of Russia", APC, other major enterprises of the sector, the Embassy of Switzerland, the Swiss business community.

In 2012, OPK "Oboronprom" conducted research on the joint production of high-tech EDM equipment in Russia, first — the center of the assembly, and then all of a deeper localization. First seen companies from Europe, since completing the first time will be supplied from abroad, and delivery times from Asia is much higher for obvious reasons. 

For co-production has been selected known Swiss company GF AgieCharmilles. Prior to the merger in 2007, led by Georg Fischer concern they were two separate companies («AGIE» and «CHARMILLES»), both of which are pioneers in the field of electro and developed in parallel since 1952. Their development and now are advanced in their field, they are trying to replicate all the other companies working in the field of electro worldwide. In 2012, GF AgieCharmilles celebrated the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the development of the first electric discharge machine.

Before the company OPK "Oboronprom" task was to choose the most appropriate platform to launch joint production. As the favorite has been chosen one of the oldest Russian industry that is situated not far from Moscow — "Savelovskiy Machine Works." Now it is a major undertaking full-cycle production of machine tools in Russian. The plant has a great experience and saved valuable specialist machine builders.

Founded in 1915, the factory so far involved in the release of machining equipment, which is available in Russia and abroad. In 2012 Savelovskiy Machine Works was a part of United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom".

In January 2013 CEOs OPK "Oboronprom" D.Lelikov, Galika AG (Switzerland), L.Derungs and GFAgieCharmilles (Switzerland), P.Baya, have signed an agreement to launch assembly production EDM equipment Savelovsky engineering plant.

As models produced machines were chosen the most popular on the Russian market of machine models manufactured by GF AgieCharmilles. For example, wire-cut-CUT 20P machine and CUT 30P in 2012 were the leaders in the number of sales in Russia. As a result, for Kimry selected the following models: wire-cut-machines — CUT CUT 20 P and 30 P, broaching machines — FORM 20 and FORM 30 drilling machine — DRILL 300. These machines together cover the needs of the vast majority of Russian industry by electrical discharge machining. The first machine will be released donated MSTU "STANKIN."

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