In Russia production boom turkey

In Russia production boom turkey. Over the past four years, once a rare issue for our poultry stalls quadrupled, much to press their own meat imports. This is only the beginning: agricultural farms race erecting giant complexes, which in a few years will increase the production of another three or four times. It remains to wait two events. When Russia will become a world leader for the production of turkey meat, and when the price for it will bounce back.

Olympic Bird

Surprisingly, neither the Ministry of Agriculture or industry analysts have said nothing about the turkey’s record. Although this bird came out in the clear leaders — in recent years, such rapid growth in production was not on any other type of meat. For example, chicken past four years jump up 1.5 (Before 2.5 million tons). This was told by all central TV and proudly reported to the prime minister and the president.

On turkey meat — a much steeper climb. In 2005. in Russia have grown only 10 tons this bird all over the country to work only five small specialized factories. In 2007. output reached 30 thousand tons. In 2011,. struck the bar in 90 thousand tons. Turkey industry is in front of the hill, in the years of explosive growth will continue. I doubt if a single new facility, which is now being built in the Rostov region, soon add 60 tonnes of annual production. By the way, the cost of the plant — 18 billion rubles.

In general, according to analysts, in the next five to eight years, the output of turkey in Russia could increase to 350-400 tons year. Of course, there’s a long way from the U.S. 2.54 million tons the annual production of turkey meat (do not forget North America — home of the bird). But twice as much as in all of Africa, and is comparable with production in France, Brazil and Germany (on 406 to 479 tons turkey per year).

Significant fact: in May 2012 the government of Belarus is so imbued with the success of the neighbor that invited one of the largest Russian manufacturers from scratch to organize in the country large-scale agricultural enterprise turkey. The jump in recent years even more surprising when you know: until the mid-2000s. the case with this bird we ladilis.

Because the database did not have a start was not what. In the USSR, turkey production almost did not develop, thought — it only for private households. Then bet on the issue of pork fat and calories — the country was not up to the health food (meat dietichnee turkey — only rabbit). The largest state in the Soviet, the times Egoryevsk Poultry issued only 3 tons turkey a year. And even that was only built for the Olympics-80 — specifically for the production of Dietetic foods for athletes. Against the background of world scale production imperceptible.

Therefore, after the collapse of the Soviet Union for a long time almost all of the turkey was imported to the Russian Federation. Up until 2003, with the total annual consumption of less than 100 tons imports accounted for 70-80 tons. Russia consistently ranked second in the ranking of the world’s largest buyers of meat (in the first place — Mexico, the third — Germany).

Now the story is different — in the next two or three years from turkey imports will vanish. He falls at a rate of 40% per year! Last year brought less 20 tons turkey. In principle, domestic production can be increased at least four times. The calculation is as follows: turkey will gradually replace the chicken. She did not take her place, but takes a significant part of the buyers. Now consumption of turkey in the Russian Federation — a little more than 1 kg per capita per year. Whereas the European average — 5 kg, in the United States — 7 kilograms.

The burden of competition

There is a second driving force of turkey boom. New factories giants are mushrooming because this bird watching in the Russian Federation very profitable. "Production costs in growing turkeys 20-25% less, than other species. Daily weight gain is much higher, "- says the expert of the company" Finam " M. Klyagin.

Despite this, Prices merciless. Chicken in a large wholesale costs 80-85 rubles. per kilogram. Turkey — 160-180 rubles. It is more expensive than opt for pork production, which several times costly! And the price — for the carcass, while 90% turkey meat sold in Russia in split form. There are other prices — from 250 to 400 rubles.

Enterprises do not hide in the breasts they get the most money. In second place — legs, often less profitable parts immediately allowed for processing.

Simply put, engage in turkey is 3-5 times cheaper than chicken. If on broiler chickens major manufacturer earns 15-20% Profit for the turkey — from 70% or higher. One of the reasons for poultry farmers manage to squeeze such interest — turkey market in Russia, in fact, monopolized. It only two major manufacturers — Group Evrodon (33 tons a year) Krasnobor (12 thousand tons). The only excuse they have created the first large-scale production from scratch. As pioneers — while skim.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. and Europe, the price of turkey meat on average — on par with chicken. By the way, for our money, wholesale — less 100 rubles. per 1 kg of meat without bones and skin. It turns out that at least two-time Russian turkey stock cheaper. But it will not happen by itself, needed not only increase production, yet — serious competition.

What were the prospects? In total, the Russian Federation is now under construction 16 large factories turkey. Who has not rushed to a promising market. For example, the Latvian investors to build credit RAB turkey farm capacity 5 kt a year in Sarapulsky District of Udmurtia. The largest meat producer in Russia Cherkizovo Group has invested in turkey 4.5 billion rubles. With this money in 2014 on a plot of 5 ha in the Tambov region to build power plant 30 tons year. "Russian dairy company" completes in the Penza region on enterprise 15 tons turkey a year. However, this is nothing compared with the plans that are at the end of August 2012 announced Evrodon. The company intends to build in 2014 the largest and most modern turkey factory in Europe. When the complex area 50 thousand square meters. m operational, the company will be able to produce 180 tons turkey a year.

The battle began. If the major manufacturers do not stifle competition or emerging market turkey is established collusion, prices will inevitably go down. What will accustomed to super-profits business owners? It turns out that they have a backup plan. It — Duck! Subject industrial production of duck meat in our country is not raised, although in many countries — d
eveloped. At current prices, breeding ducks is much more profitable than turkeys. So do not be surprised if in a few years turkey boom in construction of factories replaced the giant duck.

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