In Russia registered a record decline in maternal mortality

At the last May 27 press conference, Minister of Health spoke about the successes of domestic medicine. In particular, on reducing maternal smertnosti.Po to the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova, for 2012 this statistic as maternal mortality rate in Russia has dropped significantly — by 18.5%. Maternal mortality is included in the eight Millennium Development Goals set themselves humanity. But that’s not the point. Until now, the world’s maternal mortality is still high, despite all the advances in medicine. For example, according to statistics from complications of pregnancy or childbirth every day 800 women are killed. And these deaths could have been prevented, as they occur in countries with low standards of living and the development of medicine. 

The main causes of maternal mortality, causing death in 80% of cases, the following: severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure during childbirth, and unsafe abortion. Moreover, the group most at risk include adolescent girls under the age of 15 years.

It is clear that in the remote areas of the Russian women are often faced with all the obstacles on the road to quality health care. This remoteness of civilization, and the lack of information and lack of skilled medical care, and low income. To improve maternal health in Russia is taking steps to address them at all levels of the health system.

One way to solve some of these problems, according toVeronicaSkvortsova,
— Construction of medical power vertical:

— There is a certain samostiynost how it is done in Moscow. We no longer, as in the power structures, the power vertical. We need to develop health as a strategic industry, because it is responsible for the lives and health of Russians and then you have to give the Federal Ministry of the whole vertical management structure. Then there will be no "independent" decisions.

The need to improve the handling of the health system at both the federal and regional levels, confirmed the director of the Institute of Public HealthYuri Krestinsky:

— Today, health — one of the foundations of the Russian state. In fact, the Constitution says that a citizen of Russia, regardless of whether the entity in which he resides, has the right to provide free medical care. Default means that the whole of the country, we have the same quality of care. In practice, the situation is reversed: health care is the responsibility of both federal and regional authorities. Accordingly, the quality of medical care depends on the economic status of the subjects, the quality of the training. Mental characteristics are also different. In fact, we are talking about the enormous material and qualification differences within a country. You need to compare the quality of medical care and infrastructure in the Khanty-Mansiysk and St. Petersburg, with the same parameters in the Republic of Tyva and Ingushetia. By default, we will, of course, guarantee the high quality of care everywhere, but you must understand that in reality, the quality of service is ten times depending on the region. That is, we have a tremendous disintegration of the country on a territorial basis.

In fact, it is one of the steps towards the further disintegration of the country: at the territorial level, and then — in the political, is the path to the complete destruction of the state. Therefore, in my opinion, health care — is a strategic industry, in which should be built robust management model that is able to implement all of the innovations and the principles of modern medicine, regardless of where it is located, or other medical facility. In the present circumstances, when a significant role in health care management is played by regional and municipal authorities, who can not provide proper financial support and support qualification of medical professionals, this is impossible. If we want to achieve integration in the field of medicine, and in the social sphere, which is one of the most important components in the global understanding of health, it is necessary to seek a merger of the health system in the whole building and the single vertical of power. Without, however, on the regional innovation. But we’re not talking about innovation and how the industry out of the darkness and pull out of the swamp.

If we talk about reducing maternal mortality, it should be remembered that in 2005, the federal health program implemented in the country to build a modern medical infrastructure, to improve the quality of health services. Under this program, built a few so-called centers of human reproduction, specialized centers is accompanied by pregnant women and maternity care. I must say that it’s not just about building houses and providing them with the necessary equipment, but also to raise the qualifications of the medical staff and the establishment of the so-called "generic regional hubs." All of these measures after implementation had a significant impact on the improvement of maternal mortality in the country. Statistics are we in the "green zone" that is due to the fact that the state pays this much attention to the direction of medicine. If perinatal centers will be built on, and will continue to develop the program of professional development, the situation will improve further, because the starting situation in our country do not go to any comparison with countries such as Europe.

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