In Russia revived Semenov regiment

Following the Preobrazhensky regiment in Russia revived and Semenov regiment, which had existed since the time of Peter I. The decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Full text of the Decree:

In order to revive the glorious historical traditions of the military decree:

1. Assign one individual Rifle Regiment honorary title of "Semyonov" and continue to call it: 1 separate shooting Semenov regiment.

2. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its signing.

Awarded the honorary title of the 1st Separate Infantry Regiment. As noted in the ruling head of state, made it "in order to revive the glorious historical traditions of the military."

This past week has been restored and another regiment, known in pre-revolutionary times. Preobrazhensky regiment was created on the basis of 154 individual Commandant’s Regiment.

Semenov regiment was originally created by Peter I in the village Semenov (now in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow). His soldiers fought and Narva, and at Borodino, and the liberation of Europe from the Napoleonic troops.

The Revolution changed the history of the regiment. It Semenovtsi in 1905 participated in the suppression of the uprising in Moscow. In 1917, the regiment moved to the side of the White Army, having refused to serve the Bolsheviks. After the victory of the Reds in the Civil War, many commanders Semenov were repressed. In particular, it was found guilty in the shooting of the rebels in 1905 and shot Gen. Jacob Sievers.

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