In Russia’s Astrakhan region reborn cotton

In Russia’s Astrakhan region reborn cotton.

Employees of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of irrigated vegetable and melon brought in Kamyzyaksky near Astrakhan new variety of cotton As-1. According to specialists of leading Russian textile enterprises in Yaroslavl and Tver regions, Astrakhan cotton quality even higher than Uzbek. 


"Cotton is grown in Russia during the time of Ivan the Terrible. It was then in the Lower Volga region, the territory of modern Astrakhan region having the first cotton fields. Cotton production in Russia actively developed in the 1 century up to the 1950s. Southern regions of Russia in the area under cotton reached to a total of 240,000 hectares. And then it was abandoned, as the textile industry of the USSR supplied the cotton republics of Central Asia ", — said deputy director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetables and Melons irrigated Svetlana Kosobokova.

According to her, an active scientific work on the revival of cotton production in Research conducted since the early 2000s. "Two years ago, the area of our scientific experimental field was 0.5 ha, and in the past 3 hectares. From this area we collected 240 tons of raw cotton. Fibers made from our cotton was so high quality that it can be carried out Not only calico, but also satin, and staple. interested in our developments in Moscow. A company "Christmas manufacture" of the Tver region signed with the Government of the Astrakhan region to cooperate in the development of cotton production in our region, "- said Kosobokova. In 2013, the Institute of employees intend to sow the seeds of the cotton has an area of 50 hectares. "We need financial support, and, above all, on the revival of drip irrigation, — said Svetlana Kosobokova. — But what is the future of the Astrakhan cotton and has a good future, our scientists are confident."

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