In Russia started mass production of navigational

equipment with sim-chip MTS

"Mobile TeleSystems» (NYSE: MBT), the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS, today announced a joint project with an innovative company "Standard" (Perm) for the integration of SIM-chip MTS trackers in the production of GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring systems. Until the end of 2013 with new trackers sim-cards MTS will provide monitoring of more than 35,000 vehicles across the country. 

Russia’s first mass production of navigation tracker with sim-chip MTS organized on the Perm company "Standard". Produced now GPS / GLONASS equipment for vehicle monitoring at the factory is equipped with not only a slot for SIM-card, but SIM-chip MTS, a built-in method of soldering. Until the end of 2013, MTS will put on the production of about 35 thousand SIM-chip. Mini chips are analog standard SIM-card only 12 times less, their chips are able to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40 to +165 degrees Celsius, and the information on the card can be stored for more than 13 years. The agreement on the chips already operates a specially designed telematics tariff MTS to transmit data across Russia and charging by the kilobyte of traffic.

At the moment, more than 6,000 MTS SIM-cards already provide job tracker "Standard", which are installed not only on vehicles but also to rail, river boats, helicopters and airplanes, as well as such exotic forms of transport like scooters Segway. Soldered SIM-card increases the reliability of navigation equipment, help to avoid the risk of loss and deformation of the chips in difficult climatic conditions, and their small size allows you to reduce the size of manufactured devices. Among the users of the equipment and telematic services MTS largest domestic companies — OAO "Rosneft", "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port", a courier company DPD, airlines’ Kogalim-Air ", General Directorate of Road Construction work Yekaterinburg, OJSC" AK BARS "Bank, of "Surgut Airport."

"This is the first project in the domestic market with a pre-card operator in navigation equipment. Our cooperation with the standard opens up new opportunities for the expansion of the subscriber base in the corporate segment, for the first time in Russia, the number of subscribers will increase at the expense of the equipment manufactured by our partner. Today more and more companies and organizations are using the Urals in the business innovative M2M technology. Scope of application of M2M services are extensive: from payment terminals to energy and industry. The fastest growing segment of the market M2M services today is the mobile navigation. The project is our partner — "Standard" — certainly innovative. In addition, a prime example of high-tech equipment produced by a Russian company, which greatly enhances the value of our cooperation ", — said the director of" MTS Ural "Sergey Kuzmin.

"When selecting a partner for the project, we first assessed the quality of communications, network coverage, especially in remote and inaccessible locations in Russia, so that our customers operate in the harsh conditions of the North Urals, in mountainous areas, the fleet manager and aviasudov. So we started cooperation with MTS, which provides high quality mobile services. By SIM-chip information is transmitted not only the location and the vehicle speed but also the data from the sensors — the temperature in the refrigerator, the amount of fuel in the tank. Thanks to M2M services and stable data transmission of the vehicle is provided by reducing operating costs and fuel transport by an average of 15-20%. Trackers with SIM-chip MTS made an expedition to the ends of the earth — German Cape — the northernmost point of mainland European part of Russia, "- said General Director of" Standard "Bill Romance.

In general, the number of SIM-chip MTS serving M2M-projects in the Urals in the past year has doubled. For more than two thousand of the Urals use of telematics services to automate their business processes, and the monitoring vehicle location is one of the areas of M2M-projects. Currently, about 25,000 MTS sim-cards are used to remotely monitor the location of private and public transport in the Urals. The popularity of the monitoring of industrial transport in remote areas of the Urals. Thus, among the customers using MTS services navigation — GC "Evrakor", JSC "TyumenAvtoTrans", "GLONASS Omnikomm", "ChelyabTransAvto", JSC "Russian Railways" OJSC, "Sverdlovskavtodor."


Started production of navigation devices in 2010. Today, the company produces each month about 5,000 trackers. Affiliates in Moscow, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Surgut, New Urengoy, Rostov-on — Don, Kazan. Besides "Standard" provides its equipment in European countries — Germany, France, the United Kingdom — as well as in India. Technological solutions company are patented.

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