In Russia the Anti-interference control system of UAV

The group of companies «ZALA Aero" has developed a secure-connected navigation system for unmanned aerial vehicles

The Deputy Director General of the group of companies Nikita Zakharov.

"With such a complex" drone "can carry out their tasks in a normal mode and return to base even if the signal is lost satellite navigation" — said N.Zaharov.

According to him, to operate "drone" in interference effects used electronic telemeter.

"The connected equipment is also fully protected, and damage the contact is not possible" — said N.Zaharov.

Group ZALA AERO is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of BLA and integrated navigation systems in the Russian Federation. Since 2004 the company has developed a highly skilled team and put on production several types of aircraft and helicopters, based on a unique system of automatic control. UAVs our company in the service of many state departments, providing a valuable contribution to the security and economic development in Russiaand

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