In Russia, the number of housing has doubled compared to the Soviet


Russia took the second place in Europe in terms of housing. In 2012, we built about 6 apartments per 1,000 inhabitants. For comparison, the average for the 27 largest European countries, half of that — about 3 flats per 1000 inhabitants.

By 2010, the average level of housing Russians was 23.4 meters per person. For comparison, Gorbachev was 16.4 meters. It is not surprising. Now housing is constructed as in the best years of the Soviet Union, in 65-70 million square meters per year.

And even though we are still lagging behind in providing houses of fatty Germany, but Poland and Belgium already ahead. European average — 473 apartments for 1,000 people. In Russia — 425 flats per 1000 inhabitants.

Surely someone wants to say that it’s the average temperature in the hospital, and that snickering Muscovites live in apartments at 200 meters, and the inhabitants of towns huddle with their families in the 20-meter compartments rotten barracks. In fact — it is not. In Moscow, for one person accounts for only 18.7 meters of housing, and whereas the national average, as mentioned above — 23.4 square.

In this case, there is just one important caveat.

In Russia, so many people have problem. Wooden houses are usually varying degrees of comfort and ushatannosti: from crumbling huts to luxury cottages. In 2011, the villas were provided by 60% of Russians.

At the same time giving the statistics of housing almost anywhere and is not taken into account. The owners just do not bother with their design.

And if we add to the major housing cottages, we suddenly find out that the square meters per person accounts for a very, very bad. In comparison with the Soviet Union, in which the stories of the storytellers apartments distributed free to all and sundry, all wonderful.

If you think that the Russian housing comfortable enough to compare it with the European luxury villas and penthouses, read here’s the story our compatriots on the English estate. For many will be interested to know that the little bug-infested cold for big money — this is a standard option for the not too wealthy English family.

To sum up. While Soviet-era statistics pulled on plans by all means, now the opposite is the problem. Rosstat many issues too conservative, which is why they are drawing the picture is often too pessimistic. Therefore, the non-winning Russian look at the background of Western countries — in which the statistics, especially financial, decided to twist up to a maximum positive.

Source: Fritz Morgen

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