In Russia, the transmission has a signal co speed of 100 Gbit / s to 4000 km.

In early 2010, as part of the Commission the President of the Russian Federation on modernization and technological development of the Russian economy had approved the project "Establishment of an experimental zone optical backbones of the increased bandwidth and then applying them across the country." Executive in charge of the project has been identified Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

As reported in the Ministry of Communications, the project provided for the installation Equipment DWDM «Start ‘production Company "T8" on parts of the network of "Rostelecom": Gzhel-Zhukovsky in the Central Federal District and Mokshan-Penza in the Volga Federal District. The project used a modification of equipment "Start" to 40 optical waves (DWDM-channels). At each transmission wavelength of the optical signal at 10 Gbit / s was realized bandwidth fiber 400 Gbit / s. In this case, the total capacity of the link (for multi-fiber optical cable) could reach tens of terabits per second.

The project was successfully implemented in a timely manner. Courteous successful experience of DWDM-systems of domestic production, at the meetings of the working group number 6 "Space and Telecommunications" at this Commission, it was decided to scale up these pilot solutions across the country.

Russian Company "T8" continued the development of modern DWDM systems and May 30, 2012 carried out a successful transmission of signals 100 Gbit / s by 4000 km of fiber without dispersion compensators 80-channel DWDM-system. Thus, the maximum capacity of the 80-channel DWDM-system was 8 Tbit / s.

According to the representatives of the "T8" developed in Company Transponder 100 Gb / s "Volga" is the industry’s best signal quality parameters 100 Gbit / s and the amount of electronic dispersion compensation. This opens up Russian operators broad prospects for building a cost-effective long-haul without dispersion compensation. "According to open sources, the transmission of 100 Gb / s to 4000 km without dispersion compensation — a world record" — said Vladimir Treschikov, General Director of "T8", during a demonstration of the system.

About the company:

Company "T8" — the company to develop and implement DWDM systems. The company was founded MIPT graduates and has 100% of the Russian capital. The basis of the company consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the design of equipment DWDM — graduates of MIPT, Moscow State University, Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, MTUCI. The company employs more than 100 people, including 2 doctors and 10 candidates of science. Company "T8" is actively developing DWDM systems with NTO "IRE-Polus"

At present, specialists of "T8" built more than 40,000 km of DWDM networks.

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