In Russia there is a development of a new bronegruzovika

  • The project is an armored truck "Stargazer-Federal-M"
  • The project is an armored truck "Stargazer-Federal-M"

Scale-model armored truck Federal-M

In a specialized supplement to "Auto", "Trucks and buses" № 11, 2012 report published by Fyodor Lapshina "Save riot" on the current and future developments of armored vehicles for the Russian power structures.

The main subject of the material, appears to be the information about the ongoing work on the "Stargazer", the result of which is to develop machines "Federal-M." Lead the development of the company "Technique" and GTO "Special equipment and communication" the Russian Interior Ministry. The machine is a kind of future "big brother" "Highlander-K", with the same unit, but with a more powerful armor (the sixth class of guests, from bullets SVD sniper rifle with a heat-treated core).
This is evident in thickness, (the "sandwich" on a section of the door — for more than one and a half inches), and loop-holes in the glass are not round, "chiseled" and square, welded.

Rectangular bronekapot — already without any "decorative" cover. However, the visibility from the cab forward — as in the old American tractors … Passenger car is off limits under the bumper! What goes up this hood? It turned out way: access to the engine — from the sides and from above through hatches in two bronestvorki.

  • The project is an armored truck "Stargazer-Federal-M"
  • The project is an armored truck "Stargazer-Federal-M"

The project car "Stargazer-Federal-M"

In the body, borrowed from the "explosion-protected", "Federal", you can go directly from the cockpit — a prototype of the future of the integral version, sort broneavtobusa where the body and the cabin will be as one.

It looks like the project "welded" "Highlander" and "Feds" will be implemented, because they co-wrote and customer is the Russian Interior Ministry.

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