In Russia there is a growth of certain types of machinery


In Russia there is a growth of certain types of machinery
The crisis that has gripped almost the whole world, could not help but reflect on the state of the economy and Russia. It is not surprising that, as in the ’90s, and in the so-called "zero" years, braking felt in some heavy industries, including in the field of special engineering. However, in recent years, statistics show that there has been a positive trend towards improvement.

Federal State Statistics Committee and Tractor, agricultural, forestry, utility and road construction machinery Russian Engineering Union notes that, in 2010 compared with the previous year, the production of machinery increased overall by 9.3%. This suggests that the most difficult of times gradually recede into the past. Engineering production in our country is steadily gaining momentum.

Recently, the Russian began to operate several targeted programs. All they imply a sharp increase in construction projects. So naturally, the biggest increase production just refers to the technique, which is usually involved in construction sites. Demand rose primarily on skidders. Industry was able to respond quickly and were able to release for the year is 3.1 times greater. Almost one and a half times the rose and the production of excavators, cranes and construction trucks. The increase in production of backhoe loaders, cranes makes it possible to increase the volume of construction. Somewhat lower rate (1.4 times) were observed in the production of elevators and various machines needed in the city municipal services.

According to experts, it is expected that in the near future will increase the demand for single-girder. This is due to the fact that the growth of private construction in various fields has been steadily growing. Although at the present time to buy a crane beam can be for a variety of purposes, it is expected that in the near future, the demand may exceed supply.

It should be noted that the agricultural machinery was released less than in 2009. This primarily relates to tractors, grain and forage harvesters, seeders.

Reducing the growth of production of tractors due to the fact that at such large enterprises as JSC "Agrotechmash", JSC "SAREX", JSC "TK" Volgograd Tractor Plant ", which are mainly engaged in manufacturing tractors, showed a decrease in output. Reducing the production of combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment has also been observed in LLC "Klaas", JSC "Bryanskselmash", OAO "PO" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant. "

The revival of work in the industrial sector, particularly in construction, has led to the fact that, as the data in the Russian Engineering Union, shipping on most varieties of technology has exceeded its production in the country. The enterprises’ warehouses number of vehicles not shipped within 11 months of the last year has decreased by 1009 units and 7158 was different machines.

Russia emerged from the economic crisis that began in 2008, and in 2009 covered the whole world. Currently, buy special equipment required is not difficult, the main thing — it is to choose the right products and spare no means to purchase the necessary goods.

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