In Russia there is an active development of common duty and dispatch services

On the territory of the Russian Federation is in full swing establishment of uniform on-duty dispatchers (EDDS), providing reception and processing of alarms, and applications of citizens. Thus, according to media reports, the network of EDDS is actively developing in key Russian regions as the Stavropol Territory, Primorye, Moscow region.

The goal of creating a single service — this is the introduction of a "one stop shop" when calling the emergency services, improving the timeliness and quality of emergency response. EDDS work around the clock and are in constant readiness to receive alarms and messages from the public. On the basis of the information received, a report is provided to the responsible structures of executive power. Infrastructure EDDS is one component of creating a service call emergency services on a single number "112" (System-112).

NGO RIC-Systems as a leading Russian systems integrator has the practical experience and relevant professional competencies for the implementation of EDDS at the municipal and regional levels. "The solution proposed by the introduction of highly reliable, fault-tolerant and can be integrated with other control centers and dispatch, including situational center chief executive," — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems.  

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