In Russia there was a second million of the city in two days

According Permstat, as of January 1, 2012 in Perm population 1,000,000 679 people. At the end of 2011 in the regional capital for the first time there was a fairly long period of natural increase of population, which amounted to 337 people. This positive trend has developed due to the growth rate (up to 80 people or 0.6%) and the reduction of mortality rate (per 544 people, or 4.2%). But the dominant factor in enabling them to cross the city millionth milestone, began the migration process, "- said in a statement on the website of public services of the Perm Territory. "At the end of last year in Perm net migration (the excess of the number of arrivals over departures) was 8000 787 people. The growth of net migration to some extent due to changes in the statistical treatment of long-term migration of the population: in addition to the persons registered at the place of residence, are now included in the accounting for migrants registered place of residence for an extended period of time (nine months or more) ", — the report says. According to the newspaper VIEW, Perm was excluded from the list of megacities on the results of the last census naseleniya.Vo Krasnoyarsk authorities said Tuesday that the local hospital was born goroda.Soglasno millionth resident of the 2010 census, lived in Krasnoyarsk 975,000 people. Increase the population of the city of 23 million people each year who by 87.6% due to migration and only 12.4% due to the natural prirosta.Soglasno the data obtained, the leader of the population in Russia is Moscow with a population of 11,514,000 citizens . Next is St. Petersburg (4,848,000), third place is occupied by Novosibirsk (1473000). Next come Ekaterinburg (1,350 m), Nizhniy Novgorod (1,250 m), Samara (1164000), Omsk (1154000), Kazan (1143000), Chelyabinsk (1,130 m), Rostov-on-Don (1,089) Ufa ( 1062000) and Volgograd (1021000).

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