In Russia there was the largest sawmill

In the production of "Northern metal centers" (St. Petersburg) commissioned a unique equipment — vertical semi-automatic band saw for metal VVS-1616-6 with CNC firm Everising. 

The machine is designed for cutting of sheets, plates, large-sized forgings up to 1600h3600h6000 mm, and the cross-cut circles with a diameter up to 1,600 mm. VBS-1616-6 is designed for cutting pieces of structural steel, tool steel, stainless, alloy steels, high speed steels with the addition of cobalt and molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, non-ferrous, heat-resistant, armored alloys. To date, the set of parameters VVS-1616-6 is the largest vertical band saw machines in Russia. Equipment supply and commissioning of the company’s specialists have made "Weber Comechanics."

The choice of this machine because the company needed a universal technological solution for cutting metal large thickness and a large sawed width. Gas cutting, which today is often used in such cases, leads to great losses because other than from the processing of hardening structures (which in some cases is not acceptable), burned a large amount of metal and the thicker the workpiece, the more significant costs. In some cases, even impossible due to the use of gas cutting characteristics of the material. Bandsaw VBS-1616-6 allows cutting of large thicknesses of materials more accurately and with less loss of metal.

Also, the uniqueness of this machine is its versatility — besides cutting pieces of rectangular cross-section of almost all kinds of steels and alloys, it is possible to cut round timber with a diameter of up to 1600 mm, — not every vertical bandsaw can make that possible.

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