In Russia there were smart pedestrian crossings

Entirely new principle lighting pedestrian crossing proposed team of scientists from the Institute of Transport Tyumen. Principle innovation consists in that when approaching a pedestrian roadway motion sensor is activated and illumination of the road lights.

Red warning lights attract the attention of the driver and inform him of the presence of man on the road. At the end of the transition light is switched off, the device goes into standby mode, the press service of the traffic police.

"The idea of this invention was born a few years ago, and since then we have spent quite a lot of work to bring it to life — says Ilya Anisimov. — There have been scientific research, trial experiments, obtaining a patent for an invention, developed specifications, the certificate of conformity. We liked the idea of the Tyumen city council, funds have been allocated for the installation of six sets of test on the roads of Tyumen. At the moment, our device lives up to expectations, we hope that it will soon become accustomed to drivers and pedestrians. If we save even more lives, we can say that the work done is not in vain. "

According to Anisimov, who have the device have analogues in the world, but each of their unique disadvantages. In the signal illuminator these disadvantages are minimized.

"If there is a desire to move the pedestrian roadway, — says the inventor — he comes to the edge of the falls in the range of the motion sensor, plus everything to improve the reliability of the device has a button that you can click and move the roadway. The movement sensor signal yellow lights located above the roadway, and any driver pulling up to the pedestrian crossing will be warned of the imminent appearance on the "zebra" pedestrian. At night, an additional pedestrian crossing zone is highlighted with a bright LED light. I myself drive a car, and often happens, when suddenly in front of you on the road there is a pedestrian. He was crossing the road on the "zebra", but it has been erased, and the signs "Crosswalk" closed foliage. In order to avoid such situations, and the system was developed. "

As explained by the developer, the sensor detects the trigger zone in the direction that it is set. That is, it only reacts to movement across the roadway. If you go past the "smart" pedestrian crossing — you just do not notice it. The system turns on even if a pedestrian wants to cut and fit is not directly on the "zebra" and obliquely, and somewhere nearby.

The motion sensor is triggered as an adult, and the child’s growth not less than 100-110 cm wide, this setting will be adjusted. It would not be bad if the sensor is triggered not only by children but also by a stray dog who thinks of following the example of people to cross the road for intellectual "zebra." Examples of how mutts pass road at a pedestrian crossing, already quite a lot.

The cost of one intelligent pedestrian crossing is about 640 thousand rubles. Not cheap, at the same time, it is much more profitable traffic lights with a button. Moreover, compared with the traffic light "zebra" backlit not slow traffic and permits movement drivers immediately after leaving a pedestrian traffic area.

Intelligent pedestrian crossings installed in the most dangerous places: two of them are on the street Street, just one — at the roundabout, the other — in front of the market "Malvinka" as well as on the street market in Friendship "North" on the street 30 years of the Victory in the enterprise "Tyumenmoloko "on the street 50 years of the Komsomol about employment services and on the street near the store Shirotnaya" Mirage ".

Talk about how many of these systems will be installed in the city of Tyumen, so far, — says Ilya Anisimov — traffic police officers are beginning to track the number of violations at these crossings and compare the statistics for these transitions to the installation of new systems. If people begin to miss more often, stop churn, and then on other streets such intelligent systems will necessarily


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