In Russia there will be laser Tsar Cannon


Old dream comes true scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics (Nizhny Novgorod) about the most powerful laser in the world. On the basis of IAP will create an international center of research of extreme light (TSIES), which will build and use a unique setting. It will cost approximately € 1 billion in the status of scientific megaproject means that 15-20% of the amount allocate foreign partners, and the remaining money will come from the Russian budget.

According to the decision of the Commission on High Technologies under the Russian President, in discussing the super expensive research facilities is crucial to the conclusion of international experts. In mid-December, a project to create a laser was favorably received Coordinating Council, which includes the world’s experts meganauchnyh installations. Until the end, the official conclusion to come to the Ministry of Education. After that, begin intergovernmental negotiations, the outcome of which should be a government decree or agreement between the Ministry of Education and the relevant ministry of one of the EU countries.

Project developers expect that the construction of the plant and infrastructure will take eight years and will be completed by 2020.

The laser power is projected to reach the level of eksavattnogo — 1018 W, or thousands of petawatt (1015 W) — an absolute record.

At the first stage of the installation in Nizhny Novgorod will consist of 12 to 16 petawatt lasers each. Together they will give power to 192 petawatts. Then, in the course of construction capacity will be increased to eksavatta. Under the influence of radiation on matter eksavattnogo occur entirely unexplored processes — will open the possibility of studying the space-time structure of the vacuum will develop the basics of creating compact accelerators, hundreds of times smaller than existing supercollider. Scientists also hope to gain valuable information about the processes occurring inside the black hole.

To assess the interest of foreign scientists to the project involved a group of international experts. It includes a number of heads of foreign meganauchnyh installations in the field of nuclear physics and the leading laser laboratories, in particular representatives of CERN, the U.S. Fermilab accelerator and Japanese proton accelerator KEK.

— International experts have recognized that, using our technology, we are able to achieve eksavattny power level, and supported the scientific program TSIES. This is evidenced by the conclusion of the trial session of the International Advisory Board, whose members now will turn to their governments with requests for participation in the project, — the "Izvestia" Alexander Litvak, director of the Institute of Applied Physics. — The main goal of the project is related to basic science. The plant we plan to explore a fundamentally new phenomena at the junction of High Energy Physics and superstrong magnetic fields, in particular to carry out laboratory simulations of high-energy astrophysical phenomena such as black holes in the process and, possibly, to investigate the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Place to create the most powerful laser is not accidental. Until a few years ago in the IAP was created petawatt laser system PEARL, which entered the top five of the world‘s most powerful laser systems. In a world of tremendous interest to the creation of super-power laser systems. In the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania are also laser accelerators, but less power — 10 petawatts, the value of each of the units is around € 280-300 million

— The projects really expressed a very strong interest from foreign countries, but it should be understood that we are at the beginning of a long journey, — says Igor Protsenko, director of the international integration of the Ministry of Education. — At present, the end of the first stage, which performs the ministry. We still have a lot of inter-governmental consultations on financial issues, of course, it’s not fast.

Procenko said that if the foreign state will reinforce its financial interest, the Russian necessarily implement this project.

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