In Russia today has opened 695 health centers


Opening health centers in Russia — a relatively young project. The first centers appeared in 2010, and today in our country has been running 695 such institutions
However, not everyone knows why you need to go to a health center and what help you can expect. To verify this from personal experience, I went to one of Moscow’s health centers.

Available to everyone
Contact the health center can any citizen, you need only a passport and a policy of compulsory health insurance. Standing in line is not necessary — to the doctor can be booked in advance, all medical procedures are absolutely free. At the reception you zavedut medical card — and you can proceed to the survey.

The first procedure, through which I had to go through — blood sampling and measurement of glucose and cholesterol levels. All health centers are used rapid methods: a small device to the test strip which the physician applies a drop of the patient’s blood and gives results within a couple of minutes.

Making sure that the cholesterol and glucose in my normal, I went to spirometry. During this procedure, the doctor measures the vital capacity of the lungs. Here’s how: to put on a special nose clip and you exhale with force air into a special tube connected to the appliance. The result — in a few seconds.


Then check for the gas analyzer — this device determines the amount of carbon dioxide in exhaled air. Taking a look at the reading, the doctor immediately said, "A lot of smoke, immediately quit! You see, the indicators in your exhale CO2 — 15 ppm (ppm — a unit of measurement equal to 0.0001%). Normally it ranges from 0 to 2 ppm. If, say, a person within a few hours was far from the restaurant car, CO2 levels could reach 6 units. That is, your lungs are working all the time as if you are constantly close to 2-3 tailpipes. Perhaps now you do not notice the discomfort, but your body works literally tear. Indeed, instead of your blood delivers oxygen to the internal organs of carbon dioxide. They literally suffocate in the smoke! Try to give up cigarettes. Not be able to do — come to our school. "

The so-called schools operate in each health center. There, specialists help to quit smoking, lose weight, learn to keep high blood pressure under control, etc.

Doctors conducting seminars and group sessions, where "students" share their experiences and achievements. Classes in these schools is also completely free. Consult the schedule of seminars can be directly in the center of health.

After checking my lungs checked vision, eye and measured blood pressure, electrocardiogram removed, determined the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue (often offer this service clubs, however, in contrast to the health center, where she paid), checked the condition of the teeth, made recommendations on nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Comment specialist
Nina Pogosov, head of the Coordination and Resource Center and the department of health of secondary prevention GNITS PM, MD, PhD:

?The World Health Organization said Russian innovation in the creation of health centers. Since the beginning of the centers they addressed more than two million people. Surveys have shown that most of the applied burdened with risk factors — completely healthy were only 30%. Today, there are health centers, not only for adults but also for children. Analysis of children’s health centers showed that 50% of kids already have risk factors for cardiovascular and other chronic diseases in the future. But even if you or your child were at risk, do not despair. The system allows you to get a cut of surveys of the basic characteristics of human health and to propose a program to reduce the risk of disease. Many have praised the work of health centers on their own experience. Thus, compared with 2010 increased the number of repeat visits. After all, once consultation is sometimes not enough.

Evaluate the risk


In the health center, where I was in Petroverigsky Lane in Moscow, visitors have the opportunity to not only pass a standard examination, but also to assess the possible risks to health through unique expert system "Oriskon". I managed to speak to one of its developers, MD, professor of Anna Kalinina:

-?This system — the result of decades of work by Russian scientists. We evaluated the initial condition of patients with standardized methods, and tracked patients for 20 years. This was followed by a mathematical model that takes into account the risk factors for non-communicable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes. On the basis of the mathematical model developed a computer program that allows us to estimate the risk of a disease in a particular patient. An assessment of the major risk factors (that smoking, drinking, overweight, biological factors, etc.) and displays the so-called scale of the risk of disease.

The patient is then given a basic list of recommendations to reduce these risk factors. The scale gives a clue for the doctor — how to work with a particular person.

Use "Oriskon" is very simple — a person fills out a questionnaire consisting of 60 questions. And the profile is built in a modular manner? — For example, if the patient has no heart disease, he misses some of the questions and moves on to the next module. After filling out the questionnaire doctor performs measurement of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose, estimates anthropometric characteristics of a person. The data are entered into the computer, and that gives assessment of the risk of disease and recommendations for reducing it.


While this program is not widely implemented, but we hope that in the near future it will be used in practice. Now Health Minister provided for the development of preventive medicine cabinets in each clinic. And our program may well find a place in these offices. It is quite realistic to include this program in the remote examination of patients. "Oriskon" should be introduced and on surveys of working groups. I think employers should be interested in our program.

Comment specialist
Sergei Fighters, chief of preventive medicine, the Health Ministry of Russia, Director of the State Research Center PM:

-? Establishment of health — is an absolute innovation is not only in our country but also in the world. The initiative is aimed at implementing programs to promote healthy lifestyles, as disease prevention is less expensive than their treatment. If we are to reduce mortality from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes
mellitus (total, these diseases account for 75% of the causes of mortality), no preventive measures are not enough. These measures include raising public awareness about the risk factors, creating opportunities for prevention, access to health care in clinics and midwifery units in rural areas. In this work should apply to both patients and healthy individuals.

To date, the health care system emerged health centers. Their main task — to identify cardiovascular disease and reduce their risk factors. And if in clinics and hospitals treated people who already have heart problems and blood vessels, in health centers — mainly those who do not want to have such problems in the future. But even if the disease is already there, health centers give people the opportunity to look at their disease on the other hand, adjust your lifestyle to get rid of bad habits.

Find a health center in the city is very easy. To do this you will electronic database of health centers throughout Russia Our site "Healthy Russia"

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