In Russia will begin construction of biogas plants


The National Union for bioenergy, renewable energy and the environment (NSBE) and the German Biogasrat Union signed a cooperation agreement, according to the portal

The aim of cooperation — the creation in Russia of biogas industry. Supposed to implement projects aimed at the production of biomethane (purified biogas), to build a biogas plant to use biogas produced by power plants and other units for the production of electricity and heat, as well as fuel. One of the areas of joint activities — research and development.

In Russia purification of biogas is not yet produced, and the enterprises included in the Biogasrat, — long-term experience and technology of production of biomethane.

In the future, bioenergy Russia and Germany intend to provide not only the production of biogas, but also to supply to the gas transportation system for further supply to the consumers of our country and exports to the European Union.

The potential of biogas production in Russia is estimated at 70 billion m? a year, and the possible production of electricity from it — 151 200 GW.


NSBE established in November 2011. Its founders — the companies that make up the corporation "GazEnergoStroy." The Union brings together investors and businesses to the production and use of renewable energy sources, especially in the field of bioenergy.
Biogasrat — The union of the leading enterprises of the biogas industry in Germany, which is under the control of a few tens of biogas plants.


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