In Russia will create a new aircraft strike package


Three Russian companies’ Morinformsystem-Agat "SPE" Radar MMS "and" Ilyushin "signed an agreement on the establishment of air missile system based on the Il-76, reports" Interfax ". The new complex will be able to carry out missile launching complex "Club-K". According to chief designer "Morinformsystem-Agat" George Antsev, "Club" will be developed in the aviation version based on the sea, the complex "can be deployed and used with the aircraft carrier" as well as its marine counterpart.

As expected, the first test launches of the aviation version of the complex "Club" will be held at the end of 2011 — 2012. At the first stage of the three companies that have signed the agreement, will lead the development of aircraft missile system on its own initiative, but in the future they hope to pass on government funding, since aviation "Club" may be of interest to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.


"Club-K" is a container complex missile. It can be placed in a standard sea cargo container and is designed to engage a wide range of surface and ground targets. The platform is a universal complex — "Club-K" can be placed on shore, ships of various classes, trains and trucks. The complex can be fitted with cruise missiles ZM-54KE, ZM-14KE and X-35UE designed to destroy surface and ground targets.

Sea-based was first shown at the naval exhibition IMDS-2011. Also, it is possible to look at the air show MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

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