In Russia won misery!


The second year in a row there is no beggars, say experts from the Center for Strategic Research

"In Russia defeated poverty!" — Proclaimed experts of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR). This was accomplished by filling with oil money social budget items parry interviewed "KP" experts. Poverty as a result can not, and poverty remains, and to overcome it will be much more difficult.


Analysts CSR famous for their alarmist statements — that the power of the country’s popular uprising swept away, then dismember Russia. And suddenly — such optimism. But the numbers do not seem to argue.

According to international rules, people are poor if they live on less than $ 1.25 a day (by a different method — $ 2). It is clear that in the U.S. dollar and the dollar in India — is a completely different amounts, because different prices, and is taken into account certain conditional dollar — by purchasing power parity.

So, it turns out, we do not have people who would be living on $ 1.25. If in 2001, according to the World Bank, these have been 0.89%, in 2007 — 0.02%, in 2008 they disappeared at all, and even the crisis did not lead to the restoration of poverty.

If you raise the bar higher, at $ 2 a day, and of the poor, we believe that there is. In 2009, there were 0.05%, and the Ukraine, for example, 0.17%.

CSR experts have come up with a witty comparison. In St. Petersburg, for example, more than half of households have cats. Moreover, according to the polls, they are fed a special feed, and in the toilet (sorry) is not a newspaper tear, and purchase a filler fall asleep. In CSR calculated that to maintain such a cat, you need to spend $ 1.6 per day, residents of St. Petersburg and do. That is even richer than the poor cat from St. Petersburg to the international principles! What can the people something to talk. So convinced, in fact, we do not have poverty.

Our poor man — on the car and with the computer

How did the defeat poverty? As it happened in the zero years, when oil went into growing, there is a suspicion that it’s the thing. It is, concluded in CSR. Petrodollars allowed to raise pensions, social benefits, public sector wages.

— It must be admitted that the government has distributed resource balanced funds — says the head of the Economic Expert Group Evsej Gurvich.

But it is the poor, and that with the poor? And who are all — the poor? In the U.S. — if you have less than $ 13 a day (less than 12,000 rubles a month. — Ed.). In Russia — if less than a living wage, 6307 rubles a month on average in the country (regions set their own minimums, because life in Moscow is more expensive than in the boonies). We live under that line about 13% of the people, so, so much and the poor.

But here’s what is amazing. Russia’s poor are not so poor, noted in the CSR.

In fact, in addition to the minimum subsistence level, the state calculates what the family should be the minimum non-monetary benefits. This is a refrigerator, television, washing machine. If a person does not have and he lives on less than 6307 rubles a month, he is poor. In the CSR found that we have lots of people earning below the poverty level, but everyone has not only listed, but also computers, mobile phones and even cars. Of course, most of all, it’s tacky "Lada", purchased at a time when the person is well earned. Nevertheless.


MIDDLE CLASS calculated from the television set




And the victory over poverty and the growth of the middle class in the country — all these successes are imaginary, and in general — statistical tricks, says Evsej Gurvich. First, social policy was only to give more and more oil money to the poorest. But the effectiveness of spending, no one thought so many lost in vain. Second, if the country’s bad medicine, education, a country can not be considered wealthy. And we have this problem. What kind of a middle class — have a foreign car, and the child can not make a normal school?

— For example, Qatar — the leader in per capita income, but to say that there are the best in the world of social institutions, of course, you can not — gives the example of Gurvich other oil state.

Do not quite agree with the fact that poverty is defeated and Yelena Frolova of Rosstat.

— About 6% of the number of poor people still live extremely hard, — she says.

YES GO ALL taksovat!

At the presentation of research on poverty (it was held in the Gaidar Institute), there was a curious collision. Representatives of the laboratory of Agricultural Policy hard to argue with the experts of the CSR. How is it that there is no poverty, and in the village slaughter cows and generally run in the city? It was found in the CSR said — so it’s even good.

As the head of CSR, Mikhail Dmitriev, private farming — basically ineffective. In the world they rule the agricultural holdings. And the sooner the farmer slaughters his Burenka, the better.

— People refuse to cows because they realize that their labor went up, they will get more elsewhere — he says.

Colleagues supported him: if, say, the man threw the economy and the villagers began to drive to the bus drive up, Kolyma, he moved up the social

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