In RVSN successfully tested new simulator of the driver missile system Yars


On the basis of 161-th school technicians Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) "Kapustin Yar" conducted successful acceptance testing of the first sample of the latest that has no analogues in Russia, trainer to train driver-mechanics autonomous road-mobile launchers of missile system "Yars".

The uniqueness of the new simulator is that it is able to create completely realistic for the student and the visualization system thanks to a 6-power system of mobility, provide modeling normal and abnormal situations in real time.

When training on this simulator serviceman can enjoy the benefits of managing huge aggregates using an automated emergency warning system, the operation of which is based on facilitating management control of the engine and control the distance when driving in the columns due to the sensors that control the acceleration unit, its banks and many other options.

Admission simulator will begin in Novosibirsk missile compound and a number of other compounds in the course of their re-missile system to the latest 5th generation "yars".

To date, more than 20 successful acceptance testing of promising training facilities for missile complexes "Topol-M" and "Yars" silo based and mobile. These training facilities will be operational in a matter of priority in Tatishchev, Teykovskogo, Novosibirsk and Kozelsk rocket joints, where the works on upgrading to new systems.

Total for 2012 SRF together with industrial enterprises had worked on the creation of more than 120 samples of promising training facilities.

The peculiarity of training soldiers to missile combat duty is the lack of use of technology for learning purposes, as current Missiles are on duty in constant readiness for use, and a violation of his starting position is unacceptable. In addition, training of professionals rocketry — is a complex long-term process that requires a deep knowledge of the capabilities of their weapons and the understanding of the physical laws of his work.

To solve this problem in a system of SRF training duty forces to the widespread use of training facilities, providing simulation of systems and components of missile systems and command and control. Available in the SMF Park training facilities has more than 1.5 million items.

This system of training allows, without disturbing the original position of missiles, to simulate the full range of actions Strategic Missile Forces on duty in various situations, including contingency. In this case, the resource savings of equipment is more than 80%.

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