In Ryazan Medical University developed the technology in medical applications of nanodiamonds

Ryazan Medical University graduate student Ruslan Yakovlev managed to develop a unique technology to deliver drugs to the desired cell in the human body. As carrier decided to use nanodiamonds — sized crystals carbons five nanometers — 100 thousand times smaller than the diameter of hair.

In appearance nanodiamonds — normal gray powder, but if they handle drugs, such diseases as AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis can be treated more effectively and without any toxicological effects to healthy cells.

Ruslan has determined that this technology will save millions of lives. For the practical implementation of scientific research professors and academics joined the leading medical universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Interested unique developments of Russian scientists in France and the United States of America.

Nicholas Leonids, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Medical University, said that Ruslan was invited to a conference on medical applications of such delivery systems in the United States in May of next year. This is the first conference to review the current state of affairs in the industry and to the point, he was invited to America’s leading experts combine their efforts to accelerate the receipt of such drugs in the practice.

Young scientist hopes that the work of leading Russian and foreign scientists to help reduce implementation time unique nanotechnology into clinical practice. In the university laboratory for development of all necessary conditions.

Yakovlev develop patented, and now lead in the use of nanotechnology for the treatment of patients, despite the participation in the project from other countries of the world, belongs to Russia. This year, scientists will conduct laboratory tests on animals. In 2012, conduct pre-clinical experiments, after which the drug-rich nanodiamonds enter into clinical practice.

Author: Vyacheslav Astafev Valery Chikin
TV "Oka"

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