In Ryazan Radiology Oncology Center has opened a new housing

7 October opened a new 6-storey building radiological department of the Ryazan Regional Oncology Center. The head of the region spoke to doctors with a short speech, after which he was held for a small tour of the building. The governor spoke with doctors and toured the new equipment.


He even met a group of specialists from other regions, who are familiar with the work of one of the devices installed in the housing.


"We could not even imagine that a half years out of the blue you see this building," — Admitted at the opening ceremony of the Minister of Health of the Ryazan region Larisa Turin.

With the introduction into service of a new building with 100 beds in the region, completing the construction of a three-tier system of cancer care at an early stage, which allows you to save not only lives, but also disabled people.
The regional budget allocated for the construction, equipment and training for radiological building almost half a billion rubles, 420 million more on equipment was received from the federal level.


In addition, as part of a regional program to modernize health care fedbyudzheta 7.8 million rubles this year sent a repair clinic Oncology Center, 4.8 million in the same, and 18.5 million in the next will be spent on equipment for the operating unit and the intensive care unit.

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