In Ryazan, started production of solar cells filling

Photovoltaic cells for solar panels started producing at the Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant. The new production line at the Ryazan refinery will make modules for solar power of 230 watt for large network of power plants.

This venture electronics industry is not accidentally chosen the base for the creation of solar cell production. Even 10 years ago it was first engaged in the release of solar modules and applied a new method of sealing — plastic. This know-how and proprietary technologies.

Accessories — plates with anti-reflective coating of blue and black. The raw material for them is one of the most common natural elements silicon, a well-known sand. But to become a semiconductor him to go through 4 stages of cleaning.

The main producers of polysilicon and Japan USA Germany — the world’s leaders of solar energy. Construction of the "solar" homes and stations has become one of the priority areas of energy, and in recent years, the world experiences a shortage of polysilicon. In the market of bio-energy of the struggle for this stuff, Russia has a chance to be an outsider. The necessary funds for the construction of the plant in Ryazan found due to the fact that the holding Russian electronics and Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant entered into a corporation "Russian Technologies".

Plans are underway to create a full-scale production. From the production of silicon to production of various solar cells, the assembly of panels and further build a solar power plant.

Although our country is not in the sunniest latitudes, it is expected that in 10 years in the Russian electricity production from renewable energy sources will increase by several times.

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