In Ryazan, started production of waterstops TekhnoNIKOL


August 23. At the "LODZHIKRUF", Ryazan the launch of a new line for the production of PVC waterstops TekhnoNIKOL.

Waterstops TechnoNICOL made of plasticized compositions based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), and are flexible tape for sealing working joints in concrete structures or temporarily exposed surface ground water or waste water.


Waterstops TekhnoNIKOL used for waterproofing of mobile and fixed joints in monolithic concrete structures in new construction — underground parts of buildings, tanks, water towers, dams, weirs, canals, ponds, sewage treatment plants, underground car parks, tunnels and sewers, as well as broken down by sector waterproofing membrane LOGICROOF T-SL.

Today, the line produced two types of waterstops:
HP-220 — Outdoor Waterstop is used for concrete construction joints;
BP-240 — Internal Waterstop is used in concrete construction joints.

Already in 2012 TechnoNICOL Corp. plans to expand its range of products.

Waterstops TekhnoNIKOL — Technical Sheet

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