In Rybinsk opened Russia’s first monument to Ludwig Nobel

July 26 in Rybinsk deputy governor Viktor and Sergei Kostin Berezkin attended the unveiling of a monument to Russian and Swedish engineer, scientist, industrialist, philanthropist, Ludwig Nobel, his older brother and business partner of the famous founder of the Nobel Prize Alfred Nobel. The ceremony was also attended by Ludvig Nobel laureates: cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Leonov, nine-time Olympic champion Larisa Latynina, People’s Artist of the USSR and Russia, Vladimir Vasiliev, the president of the National Medical Chamber, "Children’s Doctor of the world", Leonid Roshal, President the organization "Doctors without Borders" Xavier Emmanuel, International Grandmaster Mark Taimanov.  

— Rybinsk land for the monument Ludvig Nobel Foundation was not chosen by chance — said the deputy governor of the Yaroslavl region, Viktor Kostin. — Most of the empire Nobel took it in the Yaroslavl region. In Rybinsk were Nobel refinery, the largest in the Upper Volga oil depot, and now here is open the only museum in the country "and Nobel Nobel movement." And now Rybinsk — the place where the tradition continues where businessmen come where people care about. I want to thank all those who store and promotes the legacy of the great Nobel. Thank you for this gift.

Opened in Rybinsk monument became Russia’s first monument to Ludwig Nobel. The initiative to set it belongs to the fund, named after the great industrialist and philanthropist, and supported by the authorities. Pedestal, sponsored by the Moscow sculptor Jaroslav Borodin, located in a green area in the city center, close to the Cathedral Square. Around the monument landscaped grounds and landscaping done, was formed as a result of lane Ludvig Nobel laureates. Today, the owners of this award, revived in 2005, after 120 years after its foundation, there are 39 people — symbolic of our personality with outstanding professional achievements.
Laureates who attended the opening ceremony of the monument, have been awarded medals with the image, copies monument to Ludwig Nobel.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the Bishop of Rybinsk and Uglich Benjamin had consecrated the monument. After this, residents and visitors were able to take a picture with the new landmark. As one of the leaders of the Foundation Ludwig Nobel Anna Yakovleva, the organizers hope that the territory of the monument from that moment come to life, becoming one of the favorite places to visit residents.

In 1880, Ludwig together with brothers Robert and Alfred and several others created the oil company "Fellowship of the Nobel brothers" ("Branobel"), which in a short time has become one of the best in Russia and Europe for the extraction, processing and transportation of oil products, and the sale of kerosene replaced completely with the European market the U.S. company "Standard Oil." Commissioned by Ludwig Nobel in the oil fields near Baku engineer VG Shukhov built the first Russian oil pipeline

In 1882, Ludvig Nobel jointly with the engineer Alfred Törnqvist adjusted the oil burner for burning fuel oil. The nozzle used in the operation of steam locomotives and steamships, "Nobel burner" — to heat homes, bakeries and cookers.
In 1886, Ludvig Nobel was the initiator and founder of the Russian Technical Society, initiated the introduction in Russia metric system, the creation of which it allocated the necessary funds. Cash and he was let go for Research of the Academy of Sciences and the Russian Technical Society, funded by the school and the school masters of railway workers. In 1888, after the death of Ludwig Nobel Russian Technical Society and "Branobel" established a scholarship in his name for students of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Mining Institute of Technology, as well as a gold medal and a prize, awarded every five years for research and development in science and technology. Thus, shortly before the means and in honor of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, were created by the International Nobel Prize in Russia appeared Ludwig Nobel Prize. In 1900, an international congress in Paris established the Ludvig Nobel gold medal for his research in the oil industry.

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