In Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region palace opened after reconstruction

sport "Flight"

August 30, the eve of the city, in Rybinsk was inaugurated sports palace "Flight".

February 8, 2013 SK "Flight" was closed for renovation, which was completed in a very short period of time — 6 months. The cost of the reconstruction of the Palace of Sports was 450 million, these funds have been allocated from the regional and municipal budgets.

The total area of redevelopment — 16,000 square meters. The facade of the building was thoroughly insulated. Fully updated roof with energy-efficient technology, replaced utilities — water, cold and hot water supply, ventilation, electricity.

Transformed and ice arena seating capacity stands increased by 40 percent (to watch the races can now around 1,500 fans). The building has increased the number of changing rooms, showers, the services of athletes — two rooms for a workout room, physical training, room for specialized trainers. In "Flight" equipped rooms for the press center, the commentator booths, unified dispatching service, operator, a hall for press conferences. Sports complex will be equipped with the necessary equipment to carry television broadcasts. All conversions are performed in accordance with the requirements of the Youth Hockey League.

Also changed and the area around the sports complex: the new asphalt surface parking for 1,000 cars. Photo

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