In Sal district of Rostov region hosted the technical launch of digital TV


The advantages of digital television Governor Vasily Golubev, as well as all the participants of the regional workshop on the improvement that took place today, June 1, in Salsk demonstrated deputy general director of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network Boris Terebilenko.

On two television panels simultaneously display images from two different technologies: analog and digital. The difference for all who observed was evident — and not in favor of the old broadcast technology.

"One more step to ensure that the change to a better quality of life in the Don" — summed up what he saw Vasily Golubev.

Work on creating a network of digital broadcasting in all the Rostov region to be completed before the end of this year. Capable of receiving the signal in the region will be 80 radio and television broadcasting stations, like de Sales. 41 of them to be built, and the rest will be set up on existing repeaters.

Boris Terebilenko explained that the investment in this project will amount to a total of about 900 million rubles.

In the spring of 2013 Donetsk team provides 8 digital channels in high quality, "First Channel", "Russia-1", "Russia-2", "Russia-24", "Russia-K," "Carousel," "St. Petersburg — 5 channel "and" NTV ".

However, the analogue switch-off in the next 2-3 years is planned. Analog broadcasting will cease only when the digital television signal will cover more than 95% of the population of our region.  

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