In Salekhard build a thermal power plant Polar a total capacity of 286 MW

April 27, 2012 in Salekhard opening ceremony of the construction of thermal power plants "Polar" a total capacity of 286 MW.

In Russia, the other stations were built such power in a decentralized area of electricity.

It is a unique project that is implemented under difficult climatic conditions of the Far North. A unique technology is a project under construction, which allows the generation of electricity with high efficiency, through the use of combined cycle and cogeneration (combined production of electricity and process heat energy within a single unit — a cogeneration unit).

Another feature of this project is that the construction of the station is in a complex with the construction of a high-voltage line from Nadym. In this case, the first starting complex of TPP Polaris is scheduled to start operation before the time when the high-voltage line will be laid to Salekhard. This will provide electricity to the city before the "arrival" of the line, ahead of one year.

Need Salehard in winter is about 65 MW. The first start-up complex will produce in Salekhard about 22 MW, and the rest needs to be shut down due to the current generation of Salekhard. Start the first complex, consisting of a gas turbine and HRSG will close inefficient diesel generation, which in comparison with the cost per kilowatt of gas many times more expensive.

The first turbine is planned to start in the second quarter of next year.


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