In Salekhard construction of a modern river port

The port will be built by the summer of 2014.

At the moment the builders equip dock, paving the conduit and cables outside lighting, prepared pile field of the building of river station. "In the near future — to bring utilities and pour driveways," — said the director of the branch stroyfirmy "Yamato" Zafer Tashtan.

According to the press service of the governor of Yamal, the construction will take place in two stages. Initially planned to complete construction of the harbor promenade, to equip the port water area and water approaches to it. Conditions will be created for the simultaneous berthing 3 ships built dock for hovercraft and ferry services. Parallel to erect a pavilion for passengers and the checkpoint, prosper neighborhood. The first phase is scheduled for completion by September 2013. 

In the second stage, by the summer of 2014, there will be a five-storey building of river station. Waiting rooms for passengers, comfortable rest areas, hotels, administrative and technological premises will house over an area of 3 million square meters.

According to the deputy head of the Directorate of capital construction and investment Yamal Sergey Cherkashin, the total length of the coastline, where the "dwell" River Station — 248.5 meters. There used to be housed in a former fish cannery, so builders began with the demolition and removal of old buildings, site preparation. Was recovered from the river a few hundred tons of metal and wooden junk.

In the implementation of the project involved transporters, specialists boatman, economists, logisticians. Their challenge — not only to build a new building water "gate" Salekhard, but also to optimize the scheme of river traffic, increasing volumes of freight and passenger traffic.

In 2012 JSC "Salekhard river port" moved through the water more than 200,000 tons of cargo and more than a thousand passengers — 24.7% of total passenger transportation autonomous area. Create a new transport infrastructure will help to centralize transportation — all types of vessels will be sent from one port. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets for all types of river transport in one place in a comfortable environment.

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