In Samal. Bullfinch (Novosibirsk) has opened a kindergarten at the school


In the district of "Bullfinch" on the basis of secondary school № 105 after a comprehensive overhaul opened three preschool groups of 75 seats. The decision to open groups was made after a careful study of the current and future population density in school number 105, which in the coming years will not change significantly, the press center of Novosibirsk city administration with reference to the statement by Chief of the Main Department of Education Hall of Natalia Kopaeva. Contractors had major maintenance, refitting them to the needs of kindergarten, built three separate entrances to the group, and five additional outlets, replaced windows, interior electrical, heating, plumbing and drainage, install a new ventilation system, fire and burglar alarm systems, floor heating in the game rooms. The cost of major repairs amounted to more than 12 million rubles. In addition to the new kindergarten bedrooms and playrooms found a place in the medical unit and musical gym. Two groups of pre-school department designed for children aged 3 to 4 years of age, one group — for children aged 4 to 5 years.


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