In Samara, approved the stadium project for World Cup 2018

The stadium will be built in the shape of a dome. In the background can be seen a telecommunications tower, which in addition to the technical mission, will serve as a viewing platform, which will be viewed by the entire city.

Today held a meeting under the chairmanship of the Governor of the Samara region Nikolai Merkoushkin during which reviewed several projects of the future stadium for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. This drawing of the winning project.  

In the Monday, April 22, under the chairmanship of Governor Nicholas Merkoushkin held a meeting on the design of the stadium in the city of Samara for the FIFA World Cup FIFA 2018. The event was attended by members of the regional cabinet ministers, representatives of the architectural and planning companies, both Russian and foreign, the management of the regional center. The previous meeting, which discussed the topic was held on April 9. Then the head of the region gave the designers a few days to more carefully consider the projects arena football.

"In preparation for the World Cup issue of designing and building the stadium — the most important and fundamental. Today, we should define the concept of the main sports facility the World Cup "- said at the beginning of the meeting Nicholas Merkushin.

During the meeting the parties discussed the internal geometry of the stands, the location of the so-called "skyboxes" (closed boxes), the prospects for the use of the stadium after the matches of the 2018 World Cup, as well as the concept of the facade of the future sports facility.

As explained by the architect of the German company GMP Architekten (subcontractor to design the stadium) Martin Krebes, it is planned that the stadium will be two-tiered bowl. Moreover, the company’s engineers in the project took into account the requirements of FIFA: from every point of the stands will be 100% of the pitch, and the incline level of the stands does not exceed 34 °.

During the discussion, Nicholas Merkushin offered to "lift" the field of the safety zone. According to the governor, this practice is in the best modern European stadiums, particularly the English. This allows for a better view from the top ranks.

Also the issue of the location of "skybox." As explained by Martin Krebes, designers offer to do the two-level enclosed box and place them on the western platform. The head of the region said that the plan violates one style stadium. However, in the cold Russian climate, "skyboxes" can attract more fans to the stadiums after the World Cup. In the end, it was a collective decision taken place "skyboxes" in the west and east stands. In the proposed version of the Governor of capacity "skyboxes" will be more than 1,200 people, while in the embodiment GMP Architekten only 650 — this figure is the minimum requirements by FIFA.

Question heritage, that is, the use of the stadium after the 2018 World Cup, has become one of the key in the discussion of the stadium. The head of the region said that after the completion of the Championship football stadium should be actively used for sports competitions at various levels, to bear the social burden and be used for commercial purposes: "We must use all the features of the stadium. The building can be arranged sports and exhibition halls, as well as play areas, fitness centers, restaurants and specialty shops for the fans, "- said Nikolai Merkushin.

One of the main issues of the meeting was to discuss the future of the stadium facade. GMP Architekten submitted two project design: «space» and "top."

The first option — traditional for the majority of the world’s stadiums. A characteristic feature of this project — a translucent facade on the west with the ability to output to the video of what is happening inside the stadium bowl.

The second option assumes that the stadium bowl covers symmetrical translucent dome in the form of a precious stone, the height of the dome is 80 meters.

Both options involve infrared heating visual stands. The second embodiment is more expensive and requires longer time for construction. However, it is unique as football stadiums similar structures exist in the world.

Nicholas Merkushin conjunction with the meeting a detailed study of both projects. After a thorough discussion of all the nuances of projects in the region asked the head of each of those present to speak and express their opinions about the version that, in their view, is preferred. Almost unanimously, the meeting made a pre-selection in favor of the stadium, the dome. One of the main arguments in favor of this project was its architectural uniqueness and individuality. In the unanimous opinion of experts, if this project is implemented, then the stadium could become not just a sports facility, but also one of the main business cards Samara and the entire region.

Nicholas Merkushin also expressed his opinion about the project: "The variant with a dome really unusual and looks very fresh. We can go for this option if there is work ahead — we need to prepare project documentation, negotiate with factories to supply the necessary materials for construction ", — said the governor.

The chief architect of subcontractor LLC "Design Institute of unique structures" Arena "Dmitry Bush explained that with the right approach and skilled performers problems with the timing of completion should arise. Bush also said that in order to meet deadlines to lead the construction of the cup and of the dome in parallel.

"We have reached the finish line, there is very little time. Necessary as soon as possible to complete the design work to negotiate with suppliers and go to the site ", — concluded the meeting Nicholas Merkushin.

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