In Samara, have created a mobile wind tunnel

Some time ago, the engineers design office "Aerosamara" set out to create a vertical wind tunnel. At first glance, the problem is not new. Such plants that mimic the free fall, often built for athletes and fans of parachutists fly on an updraft of air. However, this project beyond the standard mobile withdrew block design.

 Composed of individual elements of the pipe can quickly assemble, disassemble, transport and install a new place. At the same time as the units using conventional, albeit modified, transport containers. PSM engineers tasked to implement the original energy of the air tube.

For this purpose was createdDiesel drive PSM PDV-550based on engineVolvo Penta TAD1643VE.
It transmits power540 kWto the fan — the main element of a 7-meter air pipe.

Remote control system PSM ESUPDallows you to adjust the engine speed is directly in the flight zone. Depending on the configuration, the speed of the outgoing air flow variesfrom 130 to 260 km / h, that all were satisfied: children and adults, beginners and experienced athletes.

Actuator PSM specially prepared for safe and comfortable working in public places — hasSilenced Silenceda spark arresterandvibration absorber. And it provides a long-lastingautomatic refueling system.

Block wind tunnel tested and is already receiving visitors. Several metal containers, fan, engine MSPs — and an attraction for flying over land is ready!

"PSM"— engineering company with 7 years experience in the design and manufacture of diesel drives, power plants, pumping plants.The plant has nearly 8,000 of our power plants. Withsludge units work of 1,500 units of special equipment.

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