In Samara put aircraft with lasers

In the Samara airport Kurumoch tested innovative aircraft landing systems. Aircraft sent to the runway lasers. Precision landing — fifty centimeters.


The three laser beams — one glide and two coursework — just have to get on the airplane landing strip. These rays are clearly visible in the fog, and in the pouring rain, and in a blizzard.

"We sat down on a dark airfield. There remained only the lights that are designated lane. High intensity lights, and the rest — all turned down. On laser glide path all clear, perfectly clear. The sensitivity is awesome!"- Shared his impressions of the system design engineer laser glideslope Gregory Zhukov.

If the pilot on approach to the airfield sees the letter "T" painted red laser, so he just goes to the place of landing. The top bar is broken letters, lifting up the wings. This is a sign that the aircraft is below the rate. Side beams look to the ground, then car on landing course.

In order to assess the degree of precision laser glide enough to make just one step. Here we see the red laser beam, leaving abruptly to the left. Just one step, and it is just above us. One more step, and the beam out to the right. The error in the aircraft landing on such a system is only 50 centimeters.

Setting the laser glideslope will make an all-weather airport. After all, the worse weather conditions, the better visible laser beams.

"Non-flying weather is flight delays is leaving to alternate airports. Of course, this is not good for airlines and airports, and passengers. Installation of this system will allow airports to upgrade the first category. And for those airports where there is no lighting systems, taking planes and helicopters and night-time", Said CEO of the international airport" Kurumoch " Leonid Schwartz.

Laser glide path, developed by scientists Samara, tested and in Antarctica at the station "Novolazarevskaya." On this continent there is not a single stationary airfield. For several months of polar night Antarctica remains without air service. Test pilot Ruben Yesayan was the first on the planet, who planted a heavy IL-76 in the Antarctic night.
"Inidimost deteriorated less than 2000 meters. Night. But we clearly saw rays and landing on them. At the airfield there are no special systems, we came in to land only by these rays"- Said the test pilot of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation Ruben Yesayan.

This system began to create a quarter-century ago. It was the first sample that was so unwieldy that its traffic had to make three trips cargo An-26. Because of this, the development of laser glideslope was recognized hopeless. Modern lasers and materials led to the new installation as compact as possible.


"A characteristic feature is the low power consumption. That’s the whole complex of three emitters consumes less energy than iron"- Said General Director of the production company" Kantegir "(Saratov) Boris Sverdlov.

At the last air show in Geneva this sample received a gold medal. Immediately purchase of the Samara-Saratov glide path want Airports Denmark, France, Austria, the Czech Republic. But piercing fog and snowstorm laser beams of airports light up more soon: three years continue testing, and the end is not visible to them. Get a certificate for an industrial setting, which is unique — a complicated and incredibly long.

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