In Saransk opened a new kindergarten

In Saransk on the street. Khmelnytsky was inaugurated a second body Maou "Progymnasiums number 119", designed for 120 seats. Construction of a new kindergarten was made possible thanks to the program "Children’s Garden — children!"


Chapter RM Nicholas Merkoushkin and Mayor Vladimir Saransk Sushkova met near the kindergarten kids with balloons, their faces shone with happy smiles. With the kids have a talk in the head region. Questioned whether they liked the garden, toys, new children’s playground, whether well fed them? The guys gladly shared their impressions.

Head of Sfax "Progymnasiums number 119" Irina Sardaeva held for a guided tour. It should be noted that the garden is exemplary. Children are expected not only improved 5-course meal, various treatments to boost the immune system, but also a modern educational program. Sidik was twice winner of pre-school educational institutions, implementing innovative programs.

Head of the Republic of Moldova visited each group of kindergarten, the catering department with modern equipment, medical office, equipped with the necessary medical equipment for the treatment and prevention of colds.

— Children should attend just such a modern nursery, where all the conditions for the development and improvement of the creative personality of the child. In recent years, the birth rate in the country has improved, there were queues at pre-school. And we are actively solve the problem. Remodeled 5 kindergartens, build 2 new ones. In the next two weeks in Saransk on Chemical Engineering will open a kindergarten, October 11 — in Zubovo-Polyansky District. Kindergartens, designed for a large number of seats, built in Temnikov, KOVYLKINO. I would like to mention that we were in the top five regions in the country, where he successfully implemented a program of the party "UNITED RUSSIA" "Kindergartens — to children." Thanks to the party in the country also implemented dozens of important projects, "Clean Water" program on the improvement of domestic territories, etc.

Communicating with the teaching staff "Progymnasiums number 119," said Nikolai Merkushkin good news: there will be no wage increase only school teachers, but teachers and pre-school institutions.

— The country’s President Dmitry Medvedev before us the task to bring your salary up to the level of the average for the economy in the region. And we have done so, — said the Head.

As a gift from the Head of the Republic of Moldova kindergarten got a music center, a garden equip computers for 500 thousand rubles.

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