In Saratov, a new building opened Youth Theater named Kiseleva

In Saratov, the opening of a new theater, which was erected a record 25 years. For a quarter century, the project had changed several times and survived the 6 regional managers (first secretaries of the regional committee, and then the governors).

On the night before the premiere seconds count. The most famous unfinished in Saratov — Theatre for Young Peoplefinally delivered. Where the builders were busy yesterday, today grow roots actors.

"All you need now is to learn, to fill the content, here you need to bring our homes, spirits of the old theater that they have taken root here, too, they are like, so long as the excitement more than joy," — says the Saratov Youth Theater artistic director Yury im.Kiseleva Osheroff.

During construction, has gone through several generations, "young viewers." The new building of the world’s oldest professional theater for children erected 25 years. While they were working, building design was changed several times, sometimes quite radically. For example, above the main entrance was planned to install a huge glass canopy — in the form of a bird. But the giant seagull with a wingspan of 45 meters — and not "skyrocketed" over the Saratov TYuZom. Erected only a metal frame, but he is waiting for many years, rotted — and was dismantled. From the original idea remained only column.

Architect Mikhail Konovalov says: draft mid-’70s always had to "bring to mind". Granite, concrete, marble and lots of glass. Whether modern, either urbanism — however, on one style, completing the work, thought at last. "We have already had to finish building that is in a style that has been started. Important thing is that the theater finally became a theater, and not by the market, as were the thoughts and assumptions, and, finally, the audience went there" — said the chief architect of the project, Mikhail Konovalov. In yet uninhabited makeup actress Svetlana Lavrenteva first preparing for the play. In the Saratov Youth Theater is more than half a century. Jokes: this construction "experienced" four secretaries of Party Committee and two governors. And everyone — has promised to pursue the case. "We just wanted to we found that we still have time, you know?" — Says the People’s Artist of Russia Svetlana Lavrentyev. On the eve of here already held a "dress rehearsal" for "their" children’s theater. Many large — nearly 800 seats — Hall until the unusual. However, the old theater is not going anywhere. Theatre for Young People is not moved, it — is expanding. From the old building to the new relocate, not all performances — in the repertory of more than 50. By the spring of Theatre for Young People is preparing "The Captain’s Daughter." And it will be the first big premiere on the new stage.

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